Robert Lewis, CFO, Shoptech Industrial Software Corp.

At Shoptech we are very focused on our core business. We were really impressed with Mygrotel’s overall expense and vendor management concept. We were even more impressed with the implementation of their recommendations. Mygrotel not only saved us time and resources but we see the forecasted $50,000 in annual savings with each months invoice. We also estimate that Mygrotel got us over $4,000.00 in direct credits. It’s rare to find a company that does everything they say and more. Now when we need something we make one call to Mygrotel.

Phil Kearns, President, de Kadt Marketing & Research

“Mygrotel is not a household name but they came highly recommended so we gave them a chance. Their recommendations netted us over $30,000 in annual savings. It is really nice to have someone on your side looking out for you with the large telecommunication companies.”

Bud Conlin, Director, IT Sennheiser Electric Corporation

We're a fairly large company with an IT staff but could not pass up the capabilities that Mygrotel offers - single source management of multiple carriers.  After an evaluation we implemented Mygrotel's recommendations for local & long distance voice, calling cards and WCS conferencing.  One agreement, one invoice, all managed by Mygrotel.  And, we're saving money with every call."

Tom O’Flaherty, CFO, CafeX

Our VP of IT knew Tom Buckle in his previous life at MCI so we accepted his offer to audit our services. One year later, our telecom expenses were reduced by two thirds and we went from receiving 28 invoices down to 4. They’re our “go to” company for all our telecom needs.

Gary Fox, General Manager, Maron Hotel & Suites

We knew we needed help to clean up our network. Mygrotel’s suite of services was perfect for us. They did the audit, made recommendations and then we agreed to have them implement their recommendations. Now our network is clean, billing squared away and we have a virtual telecom staff to assist us going forward – savings over $3,000.00 annually.

Paul Vier, Vice President, Finance, Custom Vault Corporation

With Mygrotel’s vendor management service we get an unbiased company looking out for our best interest.  Savings is important but simplicity is critical to a growing company like ours.  They make doing business easy by cutting out the old and cumbersome telecom ways of doing business.


Robert Ronan, Chief Operation Officer at New England Energy Management, knew something was wrong with his companies Verizon Wireless billing. It seemed really high and all over the place month over month. His accounts payable folks had calls with Verizon and were working with their sales rep but still the invoice kept rising and was hard to understand. Enter Mygrotel, a wireless, voice and internet expense management company. The wireless industry is still very much the wild west of telecom. Change happens weekly. Most companies don’t have the expertise to navigate the complex systems, devise plans and invoicing necessary maximize savings. Most sales reps are focused on growing revenue not reducing it. That’s where Mygrotel comes in. “Mygrotel shaved thousands off our invoice” Ronan says. “They cleaned it up, helped us understand it, and even got us credits”.

Call the folks at Mygrotel; it’s a win win. 203-748-2100

Mygrotel, Inc

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