Voice & Internet Expense Management

Businesses across the nation are unintentionally overpaying for telecommunications services. Many struggle with the burden of communicating with carriers and evaluating complex paperwork, and trying to call customer service representatives in order to get an explanation of charges can be a major frustration.

Our Solution:

Upload up to 10 telecommunications invoices today to learn if an audit would be beneficial. We will analyze your invoices to determine if your company could benefit from a permissions based audit, or you could maximize your savings by becoming a fully managed Mygrotel customer.

MyAduit Solution

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Permissions Based Audit

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Mygrotel’s MyAudit solution consists of four key practices: Audit & Expense Management, Technology Evaluation & Recommendation, Vendor Management including our marquee Audit, Pay, Invoice (API) service and the Internet Uptime Safeguard solution.

For those customers who require a telecom audit of their services, Mygrotel saves you money by completing a traditional audit; finding savings and getting you credits on voice, internet and wireless services.

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