Audit – Permissions Based Audit Solution

Studies show 7% - 12% of invoices are in error. Mygrotel significantly reduces expenses through adequate controls. With our permissions based audit solution, Mygrotel keeps a close watch on your services so you can be sure you're getting the best rates, while you still retain full control.

    The Benefits

  • • Reduce ongoing expenses by 10%-50%
  • • Benchmark against market rates
  • • Optimize rate plan utilization
  • • Ensure contract compliance
  • • Identify unused assets
  • • Develop and implement wireless policy
  • • Identify billing errors and recover funds
  • • Identify potential fraud

Invoice Validation

Ensure contract compliance with carriers; a large percent of invoice errors result from carrier non-compliance with contract terms and conditions.

Forensic Audit

Recover money you may have already spent; audits can recover erroneous charges on past invoices.

Best Practices

Evaluate processes and policies against industry best practices to ensure that the client has reasonable controls over asset inventory, operations and expenses.

Contract Evaluation

Contracts are evaluated to ensure that they are in line with current market pricing.

Pay For Performance

Clients are invoiced on actual savings after they are received. There are never any charges based on proposed savings.

Rate Optimization

Reduce ongoing expenses by eliminating unnecessary spending from over and under utilized rate plans.

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