At Mygrotel our only business is helping you manage yours.

Every manager knows there are savings to be discovered. But who has the time and energy to find them? We do. In fact we’ll review up to 10 of your invoices for free just to show you exactly how we work.

We’ll determine if the services you’re paying for are actually the services you require. Best of all, we’ll uncover billing errors and get you the credits you’re entitled to.


Audit and Expense Management

Audit and Expense Management begins with a thorough audit of your current service plans and invoices. We'll review up to ten invoices for free to validate the need for a thorough audit. The audit will identify the services you are currently paying for; ascertain whether these services meet your current needs; identify duplication in the services, and uncover any credits due your company as a result of billing errors.

No obligation.

That’s just the first step. As part of the process, we’ll also evaluate your internet and telecom technology. Invoices change constantly and services changes are unpredictable, so why not have a Mygrotel expert keep up so you don’t have to?
We’ll manage every bit and byte, or work with your current staff to help you get the most of your technology budget.

If you feel your company only requires a traditional fee-based permissions audit, then we'll be happy to conduct it for you. We'll help you determine which service is best for you.

We’ll It's that easy. One point of contact. One Invoice. Continuous audits. Restful Nights. Mygrotel's MyAudit is the simple solution that makes internet, telecom, and mobile expense mangement simply perfect.

No hassles.


Technology Evaluation & Recommendations

Because technology changes rapidly, an evaluation of your company’s use of technology and energy is critical to keep the company running smoothly and to avoid unforeseen expenses. We provide a professional survey, evaluation and recommendation document for each vendor invoice and each service/application.


Vendor Management

Once you choose the vendors and applications you want, Mygrotel steps in as your project manager to help guide you through the implementation process. You no longer have to deal with multiple sales contacts, multiple contracts and multiple invoices. You make payment to Mygrotel through one consolidated statement. Audit, Pay & Invoice (AP&I) Consolidated Telecom Billing

You Decide how much we manage

Our Vendor Management Solution offers:

  • The simplicity of single point of contact
  • Continuous invoice audits
  • On-time payment of invoices
  • Detailed online bills
  • One bill summary invoice and consolidated billing
  • Service recommendations
  • Dashboard reporting.

No kidding.


Internet Uptime Safeguard Solution

Our mission is to provide quality internet access options to customers during times when their primary internet access is down. This solution gives our customers a secondary internet alternative that keeps their staff working with little or no interruption. The benefits to your company are:

  • Robust and Efficient back-up solution
  • The solution is pre-engineered and configured for success
  • Includes a highly redundant 4G LTE wireless carrier (Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile) internet access
  • 24 X 7 World class monitoring data center notifying customers of down conditions and necessary usage upgrades.

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