Energy Expense Management

Many companies don’t realize how many options they have when it comes to energy suppliers. In addition, certain businesses may be able to drastically reduce the cost of energy in states that are now deregulated.

We represent numerous Energy Providers in your area, allowing us to shop, compare and recommend the best energy plan for your business. To lower & control your electricity costs, we recommend a Fixed Energy Plan.

A Fixed All-In Plan Offers:

  • • Price Stability
  • • Price Protection
  • • Budget Certainty

Upload your electric company invoice to Mygrotel and we’ll do a quick analysis to see how much you can save on energy.

What We Do For Your Business

  • • We help you save 20% - 50% off peak rates.
  • • We analyze your use profile to secure the best rate.
  • • We pre-screen suppliers to protect you from costly mistakes.
  • • We help you avoid rate surprises.

MyAduit Solution

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Permissions Based Audit

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Mygrotel’s MyAudit solution consists of four key practices: Audit & Expense Management, Technology Evaluation & Recommendation, Vendor Management including our marquee Audit, Pay, Invoice (API) service and the Internet Uptime Safeguard solution.

For those customers who require a telecom audit of their services, Mygrotel saves you money by completing a traditional audit; finding savings and getting you credits on voice, internet and wireless services.

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